5 Most common yoga myths busted

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Not everything you see or hear about yoga is actually the real yoga. For years now a lot of myths have been going around undermining the importance or role yoga can play in our lives. So before you give up and shut the door on yoga as an exercise form for a good healthy lifestyle make sure it’s not one these 5 myths that’s the reason driving you.

Yoga poses = Mission impossible

Most people either never enter a yoga class or never go back in is because they find the poses extremely hard but yoga isn’t limited to just that. It is also about helping you connect with your inner self.

Poses and exercises are only a small part of yoga and while you may suck at them for the first couple of weeks so will you at the gym too. Smart thing would be to make most of the time and money you’ve put in and hang on in there a tad longer.

Crane Pose

Yoga is a morning thing

One of the most common things you’ll hear the skeptics say is that it is a morning thing.  Yes there are certain moves that are morning or evening oriented but considering it a completely morning or evening thing is wrong.

When done right and seriously it can become a part and parcel of your life. Physical attributes of yoga aside you’d also get a sound sleep, manage stress better at work, home etc. (often the reason most women turn to it).

For 8 packs I’ll start yoga

Is yoga your plan for rock hard abs? You’ve got it wrong dude.  Yoga isn’t the hard hitting gym exercise you’d need, there are other angles to it you’re missing out on.  Muscle growth requires high tension workout whereas yoga is something that’s done in a calm and relaxing manner.

Don’t get me wrong, you’d still be equally strong and even more flexible and though not bulked up, you’d enjoy the stress free and serene lifestyle. For packs, try this.

I can learn it using a book

Who’s your yoga guide? Have you signed up for any special studio or a personalized trainer or is it a book or online blog that you’ve turned to? Although there are a lot of well written books you’d come across, yoga isn’t something you learn in a month or week.

It’s a risk not worth taking. Yes it seems pretty easy but it’s the small subtle differences that a book wouldn’t mention. Use it as an inspiration but not as your teacher.

yoga books

Yoga needs music

High beat music and exercise go hand in hand only in the gym, when doing yoga keep the mirrors and music away. You need to connect your body with your mind and focus better on each move only then it’s worth the effort. Foolishness will cost you dearly, avoid it.

5 Things I do to continue yoga away from the studio


I love going around the world (though not in 80 days), the mountains, rivers, greenery etc. provide a calm and serene feeling like no other and I am sure many of you share the same feeling but time away from the yoga studio hasn’t stopped me on my road to good health.

In fact a combination of both has helped me view the world from different angles and made me realize things most dear to me but keeping up with both is tough but here are a few things I do that you’ll find useful.

I carry a mat around

What’s yoga without a good mat right? Lucky for me and you guys mats have transformed over the years and the introduction of the travel mat is one of the best things. The light weight ensures your luggage isn’t over board thus allowing you to carry other stuff too and the cushioning keeps you injury free. For such mats stick to top most brands only.

travel mat


I find ample space

Yoga isn’t something you do far away in the corner of your room or hotel. You are going to be shifting from pose to pose that requires you to stretch, bend etc. and thus you’d need ample space for it and this is exactly why I prefer to go outdoors for my sessions.

The calmness of nature helps me focus better plus you’re away from the distraction of your mobile or TV which isn’t always possible at the studio or home.

outdoor yoga practice

I am not afraid to get uncomfortable

You’re worried about dragging yourself out of your comfort zone then neither is travelling nor is yoga for you. Sometimes you’ve got to go with the flow. I know that’s easier said than done but things don’t always go as planned.

So if you have to skip yoga for today, don’t beat yourself over it. Acknowledge the fact that you’ve made it this far and live life as it comes; your yoga will get better itself.

I do in the morning

I get a lot of questions asking what the best time to do yoga is. Well truth be told there isn’t one particular time. It’s a personal choice. I have always preferred the mornings before I hit the road for my next destination.

This helps me go about my day normally and mingle with the local beauty and people without the insecurity of missing my yoga for the day plus who doesn’t love striking the right pose into the early morning sunrise isn’t it?

morning yoga

Traveling = Yoga

Yoga isn’t just about what you’re up to on the mat but your actions off it make a difference too and this is why most people tend to compare traveling to yoga itself. Your bond with yourself and people around you deepens while traveling, you’re more conscious, experienced etc. which is also part of yoga.

The Physical and Mental Benefits of Yoga


Late Guru BKS Iyengar, who was recognised as the “father of the modern yoga”, had once said that, “Yoga allows you to rediscover a sense of wholeness in your life, where you do not feel like you are constantly trying to fit broken pieces together.” This line actually sums up the entire list of benefits that yoga offers. Through this short piece, an attempt will be made towards enumerating some of the most basic, yet the most effective benefits of yoga through which an individual can give a kick start to his/her day and achieve what Iyengar says “wholeness”. Yoga has become a health fitness mantra for people from all walks of life and its advantages have made it a world health phenomenon.

Before divulging more into the topic, the article will first enumerate physical benefits associated with yoga and then move onto the mental health benefits offered to individuals who practice yoga.

Physical Benefits:

Today, an average workers’ job has become mostly sedentary, as it requires him to spend considerable number of hours sitting in a cubicle, with hardly any physical activity. This takes a toll on his health and various problems plague his physical built.  Yoga can help the person win the battle against his ailments. Practising yoga asanas like Surya Namaskar can make him regain his lost agility, flexibility and also help him in shedding off those extra inches. This exercise which is a cycle of 12 asanas can give the best kick start to the day. Practising four to five cycles of Surya Namaskara can help the person to have a healthy respiratory and circulatory system. It has been seen that continued use of specific yoga asanas has helped in reducing the respiratory problems such as Asthma and Bronchitis. Pranayama, which entails deep breathing and controlling of breath, can help a person mislay his daily feeling of laziness, as it increases circulation of oxygenated blood and forces the quick oxygenation of the deoxygenated blood. This asana is a secret to a top-notch cardiac health.

Other important benefits include, better immunity (due to the better blood circulation, platelets can be carried in increased quantities) and lest it remains unsaid, it helps to reduce hypertension and other inactivity ‘syndromes’. Different asanas have helped in perfecting the posture, prevented cartilage wear and tear, given a relief from different spinal problems, better bone density with healthier bone marrow complex, and increased stamina.  A combination of all these benefits gives an overall boost to a person’s confidence.

Mental Benefits:

Iyengar succinctly noted that “Breathing is the king of mind”, and this is a testimony to the mental health benefits due to deep breathing. Clearing one’s mind, keeping one’s focus, having better thoughts these all are instruments of deep, effective breathing. This simple exercise can help you have a sound, deep sleep, which can in turn maintain cerebral balance.  Particular asanas can help one to control his/her anger and boost his self-esteem levels.

Many people, including Iyengar have recognised Yoga as a continuous process and by maintaining its continuity, a person can reach the profound benefits it offers more effectively.

5 Reasons I love yoga and you will too

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Research and studies have proven that yoga isn’t just about weight loss, there’s more to it than meets the eye. I have been doing it for about 4 years now and have felt its healing powers.

Yoga has transformed me into a fitter and flexible beast so if you’re skeptical about yoga and have been turning a deaf year towards its growing popularity here are 5 reasons why I love it and so will you.

It improves blood circulation

Want to get the blood pumping into the those muscles? Well Yoga is the answer especially when it comes to the hand and leg muscles. Cells absorb O2 more efficiently thus improving their functioning rate.

The twists and turns pump fresh blood into the organs while the various standing poses improves blood circulation to the head and heart which in turn improves kidney functioning and lower leg inflammation. Stickiness of the platelets lowers which in turn thins blood and reduces any risk of cardio issues.

Yoga photo shoot at Srephanie Berger's studio.

Improves adrenal glands functioning

Cortisol level in the body rises during any internal problem as it boosts immunity but it remaining high even after such situations can in turn weaken its functioning. Apart from that depression, high BP and sugar, osteoporosis (weakening of bones), low memory and even permanent brain damage are other side effects.

Weight loss can be another issue as you tend to eat more when depressed but regular yoga has been proven to help maintain the right cortisol level.

Keeps me happy

Happiness is the essence of life but as we all know it isn’t exactly easy to find but yoga 1-2 hours a day has greatly improved my mood and thinking. As mentioned above yoga helps fight depression as it heightens serotonin and lowers cortisol and monoamine oxidase.

Meditation has been proven to boost the functioning of the prefrontal cortex while regular practice improves the other side as well. This in turn improves immunity and mood thus making you feel happier and stronger.

The lungs get stronger

If you are an asthma patient hitting the gym hard daily can soon take its toll since it’s strenuous. Yoga on the other hand is low impact and does not cause breathlessness. The breathing exercises often requires you to take deep breaths which increases lung efficiency.

Also breathing through nose is an integral part of yoga. This ensures no pollen or unwanted stuff enters the body. It acts as a filter thus in turn preventing asthma attacks. Here are some excellent breathing exercises to try.

Made me confident

Is poor self-esteem holding you back from achieving greatness? This often results in devastating issues like drug addiction, over working and lack of sleep which in turn further makes you weak both physically and mentally.

Yoga can help build confidence since it’s not just physical but mental fitness oriented too. You’ll discover a new you and experience feelings like empathy, gratitude etc. So get up and get moving.