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Introduction to Anusara Yoga w/Kris Nelson

+January 27 & 28
The Life Divine
A Philosophical and Experiential Weekend with Kris Nelson

The ancient Tantriks of Kashmir awoke to the perspective that every experience, thought, emotion, relationship and moment was an expression of one Divine Universal energy. The pathway to the cultivation of this perspective was passed on from generation to generation through the texts and lineages of this tradition and is available to us today. When we enter into the current of Monistic Kashmir Tantrism, we intuit that the experience of our life is an experience of the Divine. Awakening in the context of these traditions is to awaken to your own life as The Life Divine. Come and experience your own self as deeply and profoundly sacred. You are what you seek.

This weekend intensive is balanced with philosophical perspective and practical experience. As the entire philosophical tradition of Monistic Tantrism arose from deep awareness, we will work with the same practices to cultivate the sacred perspective of The Life Divine. In the least you will have a variety of practices to work with throughout the next year; however, the intention is that we all awaken to the deep and sacred beauty that is our own experience. Come and awaken to your own Life Divine.

Twenty-five percent of the proceeds from this workshop will be donated to the relief fund for the victims of the earthquake last year in Central Java, Indonesia. I was present at the time of the earthquake and was a witness to the damage and loss it caused.

January 27 | 12:30 – 5:30: Awakening in the Context of Monistic Perspective & The Five Divine Acts

January 28 | 12:30 – 5:30: The Life Divine & Cultivating Universal Oneness

The cost for this intensive is $120. Saturday can be approached as a stand-alone for $75. Sunday can only be attended with the pre-requisite of Saturday. This intensive is limited to 20 people. Scholarships are available.

For registration please call 310.779.8587 or reply to

The workshop will be held at:

7621 Hollywood Boulevard
Apartment A
Los Angeles, California 90046

Plentiful parking on Hollywood, Stanley, and Curson

+February 6 – 8
Master Classes at Bodywise
Driggs, Idaho

+February 9 – 11
Desire: The Tantric Path of Freedom
Weekend Workshop at Akasha | Jackson Hole, WY

+February 18
The Art of Inner Freedom | A Meditation Experience w/Kris Nelson

+March 18
The Poison is the Nectar
A Philosophical and Meditative Journey with Kris Nelson

The ancient Tantras are filled with symbolical paradoxes expressing the nature of non-dual realization. The adage The Poison is the Nectar is perhaps the most famous of these expressions. At the heart of every struggle, challenge, and negative experience lies the bliss of the awakened perception.

In this workshop we will engage in lecture, dialogue, contemplation, and meditative practices to alchemically transmute friction into freedom, ultimately arriving at the realization that all things are essentially bliss and ecstasy.

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